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The Top 10 White Wines

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White wines exquisitely elegant, like the sunshine of the day, diffuses its magnificence to all who see it, let alone taste it. Distinct from their red cousins, these are made for the opening of the meal and for some light snack times. In order to understand your white wine basics, you have to understand wines first. First let us learn some white wine basics so that we are not complete strangers in the ocean of drinking etiquette. Popular types of wines are red and white, besides dessert wine and fortified wine. One could see in wine white has a unique place. Wine a drink of the gods, is always venerated since it has close bondings with almost all civilizations of the world. Yet many prefer the dry white because they go easy with spicy dishes, pork, salmon and Asian cuisine.


wine glassesMaking of the Whites

White wine preparation needs care for the skin could add color if they are left with the crushed fruit too long. Contrary to popular belief, a lot of white wines are made from dark grapes, only the skins are removed quickly, before the color seeps into the residue. Many dry white wines are favorites with regular drinkers. Fun is in the white wine glass. When it comes to choosing the most popular white wine the race is inevitably won by the thoroughbred in the white wine class, the Chardonnay.


The Top 5 Whites

The top 5 white wines are Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Gewürztraminer, Pinot Grigio and Riesling. The race for the rest of the spots is up for grabs. It is the search for the perfect drink that has kept the connoisseur from resting, it is more than a quest, it is a dream. Many of the popular white wines have held their top spot for generations. There is a tendency to think that white wine is lesser in alcohol content than red wines because they are light colored. There are many things that qualify for white wine basics, but the foremost of them comes with the choice one makes for the meal. The meal chooses the wine white wine usually accompanies white meat food. For many who drink wine white is the color to choose or you lose. Yet one does not march to the wilderness, one searches in the plains. One could search search in vain for the perfect white wine, for all the white wines have tinges of green or yellow and none are pure white. Online search for white wine would show you how true this is. You could hear the white wine being referred to by the place of the origin such as Burgundy white wine.


List of Top 10 Winners in White Winewhite wines bottle


1. Chardonnay

This is the top wine among white wines. It goes with any food and has a good flavor. It has fresh fruity tones, and acidic flavor that favors the seafood. There is a touch of melons and citrus along with undertones of pears and apple. It offsets the creamy taste and lends the freshness of the citrus to the diner.

2. Sauvignon Blanc

Young drink, does not benefit from aging, drink straight away. It is from the Loire Valley in France. This is a fresh and crisp medium bodied wine with hints of herbs and light citrus. it is not sweet and is acidic to taste, and so goes well with rich poultry dishes and with fried accompaniments. It is one of the dry wines with the best flavor.

3. Marc Pesnot, La Boheme VdT 2008

Creamy in texture, this is a heady wine made from Melon de Bourgogne grapes. There are heady floral notes that dips into the fruity notes of grapefruit and figs before the ascending note of the crusty custard adds to the rich flavor. The wine is light bodied good for the summer, and combines well with a variety of dishes. Among hot dishes, grilled sausages with cheese combines well with the light floral notes and the aromatic overtones compliment the heavier cheesy notes well. You could try this with some salads as well.

4. Chenin Blanc

Manufactured in the regions of France, South Africa and California, this has a distinctly sweet aroma of honey and vanilla. It is a full bodied wine that goes well as usual with seafood, white meat dishes and any salad. Cheese sets the taste off best because it is slightly acidic.

5. Pinot Grigio

White wine varietal is just the blend that the manufacturer chooses for his brand. Mystique of white wine white grape juice, that turns the evening into a magical fantasy, transports you to a distant land where the Pinot Grigio is the oar you cling to while negotiating the meal. It is easy to understand that in proper white wine varietal gives the drink its color. The varietals are the blends of the grapes primarily the genetic brand and the place where it is grown.

6. Gewürztraminer

These full-bodied wines are available in dry and sweet varieties. These are young wines which pair well with flavorsome recipes as well as with spicy dishes. The flavors have spicy cinnamon and nutmeg with overtones of apricot, honey, rose and pumpkin. There is a lot of romance in the matching of wine with the food but the thumb rule especially holding sway over most is the “white wine with white meat” rule. Most white wine are crisp and though they may vary in body, they go well with fish dishes. There are many types of sweet white wines. Sweet wine is usually reserved for the dessert.

7. Riesling

This pale colored wine, originally from Germany, has distinct flavor and aroma. There are distinct tones of peach and apple with undercurrents of spice and honey. There are dry versions and sweet versions which means that it can be used as a dessert wine and also as an accompaniment for the main course.

8. Viognier

This full bodied wine has a particularly fruity character. Its aroma conjures distinct notes of oranges and ripe apricots, along with sweet smells. It is usually dry and pairs well with spicy and hot Thai dishes, shellfish and crab.

9. Semillion

This expensive and popular dessert wine is made in the Bordeaux. There are dry and sweet versions of the drink. It is full flavored rich and aromatic, with citrus and fresh herb dominating the notes. This serves as a blend for Sauvignon Blanc as well as for Chardonnay because of its innate creaminess.

10. Saracco Moscato d’Asti 2011

An authentic and popular wine, it is rich in floral flavors and tastes delicious. It is light bodied with a sleigh acidity and slight sweetness and combines well with fruit. Goes very well with most spicy cuisine. Wines rated online have a lower opinion with the general public than with the wine connoisseur because the opinions online are seen by millions of readers. Dry white wine is more popular and the search for their cousin the reds is only when the folk want their desserts. More merry lip smacking time to you and your kind.

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  1. No problem. I haven’t tried any yet, but I do have a bottle of the 2008 Cave de Pomerols Picpoul de Pinet and the 2007 Altovinum Evodia Old Vines Garnacha that I need to drink though. Very excited to see how they are. Thanks again for the great recommendations.

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