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How to Cure a Hangover

Cure Hangover

13 Tips for Hangover Cure

A♥ While there is nothing like a good 10-hour shut-eye over a full meal consisting of lots of bread, meat dishes and soups, some cannot stand (even the sight of) food, especially the morning after. It is for them that the rest of this article is all about.

K♦ Choose your option, dance, sleep or talk: either way it will not keep the dull throb away. You head will seem as if it were falling off and you feel all queasy. Rapid movement increases the blood flow, and so people who jog regularly seldom find trouble dealing with hangovers.

Q♣ Avoid Medications like aspirin or Ibuprofen. These increase the aggravation and so the wise men do not take medicine. Aspirin makes the blood thinner while consuming Ibuprofen has caused bleeding in the stomach.

J♠ Take your vitamins – surefire way to combat the dehydration. Do so before you go to sleep and drink plenty of water and the morning sun will rise merry and beautiful.

10 ✿  Caffeine may be taste your hungry mind is longing for, but your body will be dehydrated even more. So desist! You will longer.

9 ✿   For those who have the foresight to stock fruit juices, it will be there for them. It is likely to spur your revival so fast that you will open bar very early that day.

8 ✿  Bathing and rinsing your eyes with water will help you locate the door better; heck! Somebody went and put the tap on the other side of the door.

7 ✿  Take foods and fruits rich in Vitamin C such as lime or oranges. It helps to rehydrate the body and remember to drink water; it helps.

6 ✿   My dearest friend who lives across town cures his hangover in a peculiar fashion. He waits for the neighbor’s dog to come out. The moment he sets his eyes on it, his cure is complete. The psyche behind it? Once upon a time, when they first moved in, my friend did not know that the dog had a favorite spot to pass urine. It was under the rose bushes and it was there he left his baseball cap after playing on the lawn. From then on, he could never wash the smell out of his cap and his anger cures him of his hangover ever time he sees the Chihuahua.

5 ✿   Sports drinks will bring down the ‘morning after’ feeling very effectively too. It is the water, and of course the vitamins. Remember, too much of proteins can send you running vigorously back to your bottle.

4 ✿  Hair of the Dog: Drink whatever you had the previous night, this may sound like a punishment, but is actually a cure. However, overdoing it may lead to a repeat episode of the same.

3 ✿  Sex is like a medicine for all things under the sun. If you like to swing it, then go ahead and have a ball.

2 ✿  Pepper and sugar: Make some sugar syrup and add lots of pepper to it. Add in some crushed ginger and heat the entire thing. Allow it to cool and take a spoonful of this when you are feeling down.

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  1. Erik Emanuelli

    Hi Julie,
    great information.

    Personally, I don’t like drinking alcohol again when experiencing a hangover.
    My solution is hydrating with a lot of water, eating whatever I feel like and sleeping again!

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