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Top Running Beers

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Beer and relaxation are almost synonymous for some people. The characteristic bitterness is offset by the ridiculous burp that follows a gulp. The frothy alcoholic beverage has its admirers enthralled with the golden luminescence and cloudy froth. Get the drift? Top running beers brands roll out of the tongue, yet everyone has one special brand. This is because each beer has a characteristic aroma and flavor, which sits well with some and upsets others. First let us see which are the most popular beer brands.

  1. Budweiser
  2. Heineken
  3. Guinness
  4. San Miguel Pale Pilsen
  5. Sarajevsko Pivo
  6. Yuengling
  7. Sam Adams
  8. Miller Lite
  9. Corona
  10. Beck’s

Popularity wise beer loses out to tea. And water. The third place is however earmarked for this special drink since the times when man first brewed his first alcoholic drink, and that goes back to prehistoric times. It is as obvious as Adam’s choice of the apple over Eve. What? No, I did not know him on a first name basis. Same with Eve.

So what is it that people look for in a Top Running Beers?

beer various

  1. Frothiness
  2. Body
  3. Color
  4. Smell
  5. Alcoholic content
  6. Ease of acquisition

To begin with the last, if you cannot get it, you do not have it. Right! Let us go back to the top. Frothiness is special, cloudy and light, it tells you a lot about the beer. It is mainly gas bubbles formed by the fermentation, but it is also a measure of the freshness of the beer. Stale beers do not froth so much. In a census, it was seen that the regular brands like Coors, Budweiser, Miller High life Beer, Milwaukee’s best beer and Foster’s lager beer scored less than average. How is this possible? People also look fro body. This means the watery taste that is not there. If the beer has more body, it tastes less like water and more like beer.

Smell plays an important role with hard drinkers. After finishing up a couple, you raise the mug to your lips. The smell hits you. If the smell is mild and soothing, the drink vanishes. If there is some pungency, the drink stays in the mug.

beers bottle

All beers basically have the same color, warm and mellow yellow that lets sunlight filter through and entice you to the horizons of creative inhibition. Nothing wrong there, like the color of a rose, it is characteristic. Some people make a big deal out of color. It is too light, it is too dark, it has no color!

Score wise the chart toppers were:

  1. Yuengling Traditional Lager
  2. Sierra Nevada pale ale
  3. Guinness Stout
  4. Blue Moon Beer
  5. Newcastle brown Ale
  6. Sam Adams Lager

Beer rocks mainly because it has  no frills like soft drinks and has enough punch to put any wine in the shade. Another reason for its popularity is that it is freely available, since 5000 BC. It is a couple of dollars cheaper than other alcoholic drinks and considering the fact that you get lots to drink, it is an obvious choice with many people. What? No, I am not moving yet. There are the cocktails, beer cocktails here.

  1. Black Velvetbeer cocktails
  2. Blanche Orange
  3. Michelada

Black Velvet is made by mixing beer with Champagne. The beer  chosen is usually a stout beer. The champagne flute is half filled with beer and Champagne is poured along the sides to form a layer on top of the beer.

For the next cocktail we will need 6 oz. Blanche de Chambly and 4 oz. Orange Juice. Pour Blanche de Chambly into a beer glass, about half way full. Fill the rest of the glass with beer. Garnishing is with orange wedge.

Michelada is made using 12 oz. mexican beer and 3 oz. Clamato. Add 2 drops of Tabasco and 1 lime. You are ready to go. Beer is like the moon, when it is full, you feel the glow.

The mystical charm of the moonlight only heightens the darkness of the night — for those who have not wandered out yet. For those whose wandering has opened the bar doors, a quick dip to wet the beak should be in order.

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