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Top Drinking Holidays

Top Drinking Holiday Party

“Look back, and smile on perils past.” Walter Scott The heat in the oven like the spirit of holidays burns brightest on certain days. These holidays have cultural and social significance some of which are remember, revered and mentioned loudly from high citadels while quite a few of them are forgotten. Unless specifically mentioned none of the holidays have a ...

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Top 10 Winter Season Drinks

drinking alcohol in winter

Come winter, the mood changes. It is as if someone has issued a decree regarding the rules of living. People wrap themselves up in furs and wools; birds and insects look askance. Indeed keeping warm is not a luxury it is a necessity. So let us throw back a cocktail or two while we discuss it. There are two varieties ...

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Top Famous Bachelors Party Drinks

bachelor party

Bachelor parties and bachelorette parties are hilarious occasions. These spots of refreshing greenery and amusement often accompany a landmark event in life. Usually it is a wedding, but it may be a graduation or a birthday. Turning 19 or 25 is as disastrous as being hitched. Always prepared is the trumpet call and as the curtains open, we see the ...

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Types of Alcohol

  Celebrate in various colors and modes, a beautiful day with friends and colleagues, everyone is shouting something about the clouds in the sky and the sunshine that is keeping things dry. Indeed every celebration needs something special, some sweets some music, the things we do not have on a routine day. Drinks and cocktails are like the choice in ...

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Top College Party Drinks

A Green Eyed Monster or an Apple Pie Punch could begin the evening well for you but there are those who like Rum drinks over grain alcohol drinks. It follows the golden shoreline of uncaring bliss and more uncaring company. Redbull and Jager Bourbon Whiskey and water Rum and Coke Screwdriver Jungle Juice When there is enough wine the ship ...

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Brief Look at the Origins of Alcohol

All About Alcohol

Understanding What is Alcohol The tippler with his eye on getting intoxicated would refer to alcohol as booze or hooch. Any drink containing ethanol obtained through the fermentation and distillation of grains and fruits is termed as alcohol. Liquor, spirits, strong drink, bottle and moonshine also refer to the same thing in different places. Origins of The Use of Alcohol ...

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