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Types of Wines

One of the most refreshing drinks man has laid his hands upon is a bottle of chilled wine. It is a work of art, a creation that takes years of effort and dedication and the end result is the delectable liquid, one that cheers and refreshes the senses. It is an actual marriage with each step to the food laid ...

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Top 10 Red Wines

Wine is a fermented grape drink with good alcohol content. The color of the wines depends on the process of fermentation. Wines made from dark skinned grapes have color and tannins. When the fruit begins fermentation, the color from the skins seeps into the wine. By leaving the skins longer in the wine, we get deep red colors. However, the ...

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The Top 10 White Wines

top white wines brands

White wines exquisitely elegant, like the sunshine of the day, diffuses its magnificence to all who see it, let alone taste it. Distinct from their red cousins, these are made for the opening of the meal and for some light snack times. In order to understand your white wine basics, you have to understand wines first. First let us learn ...

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Brief Look at the Origins of Wine

Origins of Wine

Feasting and rejoicing accompany every celebration of man. For the feast to be a success, the food has to be good, the drink has to be excellent and the dishware must be in keeping with the style of the occasion. The best food must have the best wines and the matching of the food with the wine is an art ...

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