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How to Change Your Drinking: a Harm Reduction Guide to Alcohol

Safe Drinking Tips

“Deliberations about drinking, the quality of wines and how they compare with beer got me drinking in the first place.”

Consumption of alcohol is one pastime that is widely accepted among people. Everyone drinks but the problem arises when the consumption goes beyond limits. In fact, drinking moderate amounts of alcohol can aid your digestion and give you better sleep. There is no magic in drinking or in giving it up, the magic lies in the changing from one end to the other. Let us see how the drinking goes out of control and what the methods are to rectify these conditions.

Getting the information through

The first thing one must do is to raise the awareness of the people. One may achieve this through:

  • Education
  • Informational pamphlets
  • Regular broadcasts on the television
  • Including health education programs in the television shows

School students need to be educated about the good and bad effects of drinking alcohol. They have to understand what the problem is and why one needs to take action when necessary. They should also have an idea of the ways to correct any social or psychological problems that may arise out of drinking so that their cooperation remains assured if they are to face a similar problem.

On the part of the government, they can arrange broadcasts that show how excessive drinking can damage the person’s health, destroy the opportunities and subsequently have a detrimental effect on the nation’s economy. Including shows that show people, who successful change themselves over time, should prove to be inspirational.

One could also include it in regular health shows or make separate shows that detail out the methods by which, the individual makes the difference through his or her contribution.

Prohibiting underage drinking

This condition is most important; keeping a check on the health is vital. Children are growing all the time and any imbalance in their constitution will result in improper growth and unbalanced hormone levels. Further, the metabolism suffers a shock because of unnecessary drinking leading to digestive problems later on in life.

Underage drinkers are often unable to control their emotions when they drink. It is natural since their body has not yet acclimatized to rough and tough menus. This makes them behave irresponsibly in public.

The amount of alcohol your body can safely handle is about 30ml per day. This is because the body makes alcohol for its own purpose. If you imbibe excess alcohol, the body will imagine something is wrong with the metabolism and begin to fight the excess within.

  • Participation in combating alcohol related crime
  • Increasing awareness

Use educative pamphlets and study material in schools available so that the young people understand the all the harm that can happen. Secondly, provide information about the way the alcohol affects the brain and why one needs to be very alert when one has had a drink.

Obsessive-compulsive disorder arises from insecurity. One could also say that addiction is similar to this in that drinking is not a regular routine activity.  When this pastime activity takes on obsessive proportions, it usually leads to violence or irresponsible behavior on the part of the drinker.

Making Health Treatment Available

Find out what the treatment facilities are at the local clinic.

  • Councilors
  • Medication
  • Hospital care
  • Enumerating the types and range of facilities available

Councilors are best for resolving the problems that the habitual drinker faces. They will advise the person on the manner they may reduce the consumption, improve their health through better diet control and exercises and build better relations so that they are socially better off and so one. If the person has gone beyond the self-help stage then hospitalization is necessary. This means that regular counseling from the doctor is necessary in addition to drugs to help the patient fight the addiction.

Getting the opinion of the people who drink regularly

One way to tackle the problem is get the advice of the people who actually drink. They will let on the kinds of problems they face and the things that actually work.

  • Increasing home facilities
  • Linking savings to abstinence
  • Help for addicts and homeless people

Among the things that matter, facility for treatment should be available in the homes. Proper access to medicines and treatment is the best way to cure any ailments and provide relief for the person suffering from the addiction.

Training the staff

One should have trained personnel to take care of those who need it. Use of proper medicines and techniques will aid the quick recovery of the person. If one can afford it, one should employ private nurses to take care of the patient.

Special Care for drunkards

Drunkards often face the psychological aspect in the ‘cure’ process and stumble at this point. Socially, they will be able to put up a brave front, but their minds are still confused and they are unable to make the proper decisions at the right time. One may overcome this through counseling and sticking to proper routines. Keep drinking and you lose, quit and begin winning.

Getting the Manufacturers support

Looking the horse’s teeth in the mouth is not advisable for any situation. However, here, one can avail of the support of the manufacturers up to a certain point.

  • Labeling the drinks
  • Avoid advertising that promotes unnecessary drinking
  • Use of safe material for bottling

If the drinks have all the information on them regarding the alcohol content, it will help. They could avoid overtly aggressive advertisements since these are the things that encourage binge drinking and female drinking. Of course, when one has said everything, there is the question of having safe and approved packing. This is an assurance that in the end there will no other effects of your drinking. Trying is not the exercise, because everyone is a trier, but when one has reached the end of the road, one realizes that one has wasted plenty of time and money on something that did not matter anyway.

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