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Open a Wine Bottle without Using a Corkscrew

Opening  Wine Bottle

Our parents make life simple for us, they do not ask for wine either. Thinking about it, a corkscrew simplifies things a lot; the fans make a lot of breeze and imagine the plight of those who have no fan! Like as we discussed below, one just has to keep looking – and looking – and …er, have a sip.

Yes, let up open up and spill the wine before we dine. The challenge then was to find things around the house that would make the bottle speak, er… squeak, er …never mind. Get on with the work.

Let us Begin the Action

When I am without the ways and means to uncork the bottle, these are a few of my favorite things that come to my mind.

  • First the screw
  • Rope it in
  • Use Corn cob holders
  • Hammer and Nail Technique
  • Push the cork in
  • Have a towel handy

First the screw
Did we miss something here? No, right, the screw. Take a common screw or one that comes with the bike hanger and push it in. It makes a handy stand-in for the corkscrew.

Rope it in
Now, check the laces or the strong sturdy rope – loop it around the top of the cork and knot it. Grab the rest of it and heave ho!

Use Corn cob holders
Corn cob holders have three small pins to grab and butter the hot corns. Use these too slowly unscrew the top of your bottle.

Hammer and Nail Technique
Finishing nails are small and they are useful, for us who have left the corkscrew at home. Drive or tap gently to fix a couple of them in the cork. Now use a hammer to lever the nails and the cork out.

Push the cork in
One method goes against the grain; pushing the cork in may be easier than pulling them out. Coming in out of the rain, is tough, nothing left in town. You can help by drilling a hole in the center with a thin pin.

Have a towel handy
Last but not the least, we wrap the entire bottom of the bottle inside a large towel. Now gentle thumping motion will bring the cork out.

Alternative Psychology

  • Coat hanger
  • Use gentle Knife twists
  • Bicycle pump to relieve pressure

Coat hanger
Coat hangers can be twisted to fashion a hook, a small one that will lever the unyielding obstacle out of place; you can always put the coat under the mattress. (Place a sign saying ‘Look in the loft’). Never mind the song and dance, now where did I put my wine?

Use gentle Knife twists
Using sharp objects is not tactful, but in practice, if you caught behind the eight ball, you can always use the knife – gently pressed until the blade grips the cork, and twist the cork out, inch by unyielding inch.

Bicycle pump to relieve pressure
Now did you hear the one about jumping jack and his bicycle? No? Tell me about it if you do. Use any small hand pump and a syringe to increase the pressure inside the bottle. The cork eases out. Now you can grab it with the pliers and ply.


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