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How To Protect Your Liver If You Drink Alcohol

Protect Liver Damage From Drinking Alcohol

Drink and the world rejoices, sways and often skedaddles to the ground. The blood pounds in the ears, and breathing becomes labored. The alcohol inside the body does not have an escape route.

Liver is the Big One

Let us examine whether there is one. The liver is constantly purifying the blood while providing more red blood cells and providing supportive function to the digestive system. Big deal! It is the second biggest organ after the skin and it is perhaps the most important one. The better the liver, the better is the life of the person; one should spend some time thinking about it and doing something about it.

Intoxication know about it

Intoxication happens when the alcohol level in the blood increases beyond a certain level. Occasional drinkers will know the sluggish feeling they experience the day after. Regular drinkers will not be aware of this, but they will experience a host of symptoms that indicate that their liver is undergoing a lot of torture.

Damage to the Liver

There are different kinds of damages that can occur to the liver. One is scarring, another is inflammation and of course, there is always liver cancer. Cells of the liver undergo irrevocable damage leading to scarring. When infection sets in the liver gets bloated and leads to complications. Repeated infections could lead to liver cancer.

alcohol liver damage

Protection for the liver

How to protect the liver

·      Drink water
·      Drink limited amounts of alcohol
·      Use medication only if you are not drunk
·      Eat healthy food
·      Eat fruits and fibres
·      Include herbs that promote health
·      Take breaks if you feel your health deteriorating

Alcohol causes dehydration; it also prevents the formation of glutathione, an enzyme that helps detoxify the body. Milk thistle helps produce glutathione. Consuming this along with water or fruit juices will help the body flush out the toxins faster. Drinking is fun when there is some thrill in it. Drinking for the sake of drinking only worsens the attitude one has towards drinking and towards one’s friends. Keeping your drinks spaced apart by at least half an hour to one hour will let one enjoy the drink immensely. If you are on medication, make sure that consuming liquor will not interfere with the medicines. Some medicines, Tylenol in particular, cause damage to the internal organs if one has them with alcohol. Eating in between the drinks is healthy and refreshing too. An empty stomach means the blood will absorb the alcohol first. Organic foods lessen the chance that the food contains chemicals and other synthetic substances. Fruits and vegetables with lots of fiber help the metabolic activity of the body. Certain herbs like ginseng help boost the energy levels without being toxic. If one were to include regular exercises with the healthy food, then the person will have good energy levels and great attitude in life. Include several breaks in between your drinking sessions so that your body has a chance to recover and mend itself.

Dealing with Drunken Attitude

Of course, there is a list of escape lines for the drunkards too. Watch out for these lines and be firm when the person insists on making a break for it.

·      This drink has less alcohol
·      Drinking frequently does not matter
·      My friend makes me drunk
·      Nothing will happen to me

Arguments will usually get you nowhere, but if you have some distraction ready like a game or a show on the television, it might help. Be sure to let them have their tittle once in a while but let them realize that their health is much better now. This will let them modify their drinking frequency and turn a new leaf. If you get pains in the side after drinking there is a good chance that your liver has suffered damage. Check with the medical practitioner and stop drinking for a while at least. Take liver tonic after consulting with your physician.

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