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Types of Cocktails

Types of Cocktails
From water doth life spring, I spring when there is something to drink. Maybe it is the life in me. Types of Cocktails have a base spirit; it could be whiskey, gin or brandy. It could also be a host of other spirits such as wine, beer, absinthe, tequila, sake and vodka. They have another liqueur or flavoring substance to add spice to the drink. It could be a juice, milk, cream, honey or sauce. This sheer variety makes this hobby such an interesting one.

Another classification occurs based on the ingredients you mix. Thus, you will get sours, flips, cups, cobblers and crustas. Certain drinks get you drunk in double quick time. Some creep up on you without any yells and whistles and suddenly you are drunk, you are pinching the waitress on her behind and humming under your breath. As I say, everyone should get drunk sometime; then they will not know whether I am drunk.


Shaken cocktails such as Margaritas served in a sweetened glass.


A low alcohol drink with lots of fruits and juices with crushed ice.


Cocktails prepared with liquors, siders and wine and chilled fresh fruit.


Eggs and milk served with liquor; a pinch of nutmeg adds the right flavor.


Lemon and sugar are mixed in with the liquor mostly whiskey.

Let us wander into the lovely pools of flavored spirits in their lovely containers. Margaritas, Bloody Mary and Pina Coladas are very popular cocktails. Margaritas have tequila and Cointreau with lemon as the basic ingredients. The rim of the glass is salted. Bloody Mary has vodka as its base. Worcestershire sauce, tomato juice and tobacco sauce combine with the spirit to give it the punch it is famous for all over the world. Pina Colada is a rum based drink where the cream of coconut and rum blend together with pineapple juice. Choose your boat according to the urgency with which you want to reach the other shoreline.

Let us wade into the first pool where the base drink determines the final outcome.

Mai Tai
Pina Colada

Whiskey Sour
Mint Julep
Irish Coffee

The Goldeneye
Sex on the Beach
Bloody Mary

Singapore Sling
Gin Fizz
Long Island Iced Tea

Tequila Sunrise

Irish Car Bomb
Hangman’s Blood

We highlight some of the cocktails in each section. Hope you will remember it for your birthday or for your bachelor party.

Beer Cocktails

Hangman’s Blood

Gin, rum, whiskey, brandy and port combine with stout. One then tops this off with with champagne — smooth and really blows you off your feet.


Depending on the place where you are, the boilermaker could mean either a combination of Mild draught and Brown Ale or a shot of our favorite whiskey in a glass of beer. In the former case, you would be in the United Kingdom while in the latter case you would be in US.

Rum Cocktails


4 parts of Bacardi rum, 8 parts of Sweet & Sour mix and 1 part of Grenadine.


Rum and any citrus juice form the basic ingredients in this drink. One also adds sugar or sweetener.

Whiskey Cocktails

Mint Julep

Bourbon and water with sugar and mint leaves make up this delicious drink. People also refer to it as a smash because that is the term given to all drinks with mint in them.


Canadian whisky and sweet red vermouth combine here. One then adds a dash of angostura bitters and garnish with a cherry.

Occasions are so few in coming that I have invented some so that our friends can get together and celebrate. The first one is of course, the “Getting together Day”. It falls on any Wednesday there is sunshine. If it is raining, folk do not want to wander about. Of course, there are related holidays that fall on the next day too.


These combine unthinkable combinations and most of them do not have the taste that soothe the nerves and that is mostly the idea. Alabama Slammer, Slippery Nipple, Orgasm and Jell-O Shot are the ones that matter though there are many combinations of shooters that are dreadful but do the job of giving the drinker a jolt.

Hot Cocktails

Just to prove that not every liquor drink has to be cold, these cocktails fill in the menu list with their warm presence. Hot buttered rum, Tom and Jerry and Irish coffee just slip off the tongue when one mentions hot cocktails. These essentially are hot drinks and the best choice when one is facing a cold environment.

Tall Drinks

These are actually highballs and have a lot of flavor. One has to sip them slowly and enjoy them immensely. Fuzzy navel, Tom Collins, Screwdriver, Bloody Mary and Tequila Sunrise are some of the more famous highballs.


These have a lot of alcohol because one serves them mostly on the rocks and do not have much fruit or juice in them. One strains the spirits into the glass along with crushed ice. Mudslide, Rusty Nail, Black Russian and Sneaky Pete are some examples of lowballs.

If you have problems with your vision, always check the light bulb first. Next, check the bottle. If there is nothing there, your vision is perfect.

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