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Types of Cocktails

Types of Cocktails

From water doth life spring, I spring when there is something to drink. Maybe it is the life in me. Types of Cocktails have a base spirit; it could be whiskey, gin or brandy. It could also be a host of other spirits such as wine, beer, absinthe, tequila, sake and vodka. They have another liqueur or flavoring substance to ...

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Top Romantic Cocktails for Valentine’s Day

Valentines Cocktail Cupcakes

There are those days when you are really in the dumps, and there is the day when the bluebird just will not stop singing in the trees in your backyard. It is the time of the year when the bluebirds are going to be out by the hordes, its Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day the fourteenth of February, is a perfect ...

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How Long Does Alcohol Stay in the Body?

Alcoholic Effects

Alcohol like all other substances we eat or drink must undergo digestion or metabolization in the body. This means that the body breaks the alcohol into smaller parts that it can utilize. The amount of alcohol in the blood should not exceed a certain level, when it crosses this, the amount of blood cells present to carry the oxygen decreases ...

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How to Change Your Drinking: a Harm Reduction Guide to Alcohol

Safe Drinking Tips

“Deliberations about drinking, the quality of wines and how they compare with beer got me drinking in the first place.” Consumption of alcohol is one pastime that is widely accepted among people. Everyone drinks but the problem arises when the consumption goes beyond limits. In fact, drinking moderate amounts of alcohol can aid your digestion and give you better sleep. ...

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How to Pair Food and Wine


There are general thumb rules for pairing food and wine: ‘White wines go with white meat’ meaning that one has champagne with fish and chicken dishes. I pair all wines with all dishes and come up with nothing. Fill them up here. Main course – Sparkling wine, Rose, Cheese dishes – Dry Rose, Chardonnay Sauces and dressings—Sauvignon Blanc Salty food ...

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How to Make Wine from a Kit or DIY

Home Made wine

First Start with the Ingredients before you take a look at the method of preparation. Do a quick run through of the procedures it will shed light on the best approach you must take. There are some easy methods available where wine making does not require any effort. To make wine that you like, it is necessary to be familiar ...

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Open a Wine Bottle without Using a Corkscrew

Opening Wine Bottle

Our parents make life simple for us, they do not ask for wine either. Thinking about it, a corkscrew simplifies things a lot; the fans make a lot of breeze and imagine the plight of those who have no fan! Like as we discussed below, one just has to keep looking – and looking – and …er, have a sip. ...

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How To Protect Your Liver If You Drink Alcohol

Protect Liver Damage From Drinking Alcohol

Drink and the world rejoices, sways and often skedaddles to the ground. The blood pounds in the ears, and breathing becomes labored. The alcohol inside the body does not have an escape route. Liver is the Big One Let us examine whether there is one. The liver is constantly purifying the blood while providing more red blood cells and providing ...

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How to Make Homemade Beer

homemade beer making

There are laws prohibiting under-age drinking and permitting home brewing in America. Each household is however, limited to a total of 200 gallons a year with a limit of 100 gallons per person. If you want more than that, you will have to visit your neighbour or invade the local pub. Simplicity of making Beer Making beer is a simple ...

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How to Cure a Hangover

Cure Hangover

13 Tips for Hangover Cure A♥ While there is nothing like a good 10-hour shut-eye over a full meal consisting of lots of bread, meat dishes and soups, some cannot stand (even the sight of) food, especially the morning after. It is for them that the rest of this article is all about. K♦ Choose your option, dance, sleep or ...

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